29 May, 2012

Bug Bites

My computer died on me after I had it hooked up at the new place for, what? Two weeks? Time for another motherboard and more phone updating.

This holiday weekend, we got to take the bug to my Uncle Blackbeard's swamp camp to introduce her and wifey to some east coast family. Over the course of the weekend, all nine blood relatives and four significant others from my mother's side were present. Big intro.

Yes. There was heat. Humidity. Pests. Rain. Napping challenges. And a nearly ten-hour round-trip car ride with an eleven-month old passenger.

But more importantly, there were good people. S'mores. Food. A/C. Dogs. A boat tour. One of Painted Cousin's sons, Stretch, caught a prehistoric leviathan. Guitar. Fire. Laughs. And the bug had a blast being a dirty swamp baby.

We had put a blanket down under her play area. It seemed to be perpetually in the way of her getting to the ground where she could pull up little fistfuls of nature. At least she loves bath time.

Somehow, the bug made it back without the itchy afflictions of her parents. I'm thankful for that, but taking note to use her insect repellent next time.

The irony is that the bug has entered an adorable biting phase. Especially big toes. The going-to-market piggies. She still only has the two lower teeth (though I swear I'm seeing uppers starting to show), which I find closely related to how there are really only two teeth one needs worry about with vampires.

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