05 June, 2012

Patient Panda

As previously posted, Stinky Monkey Cat convalesces in California with Grandma. Woolly Rhinoceros Cat sightings are quite rare (contributing to the extinction myth of the woolly rhinoceri), but paleontologists need only look under the bed.

Panda Cat, on the other hand, will go so far as to squeeze and angle herself through the baby gate to enter the same room as the Bug. Once in the room, she willingly becomes fair game for chasing, fur pulling, and happy baby screeches of nearly point-blank range. It's crossed my mind that Panda thinks she's training a cub to hunt.

Wifey and I are close at hand to prevent any claws from scratching the baby. However, Panda handles the rough play with the sort of grace and dignity that becomes her genus. There are a few safe havens in any room where Panda can take a break and she does have the option of leaving the room.

To the Bug's credit, she is learning gentler cat handling. Not to mention chasing the cat only represents a cross section of a more intricate play scheme. All the same, a cross section taken very seriously by Panda.

Panda has been spending most of her nights under the crib, eliminating any monsters that may appear and threaten the Bug's serenity. A more dedicated nursery guardian would be hard to find.

The Bug will occasionally break out with maniacal laughter and/or cackling during play and has been making frog calls. I'll post more about this next week if the trend continues.

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