02 October, 2012

A Bug Blog Year

It was September 27 of last year when I first started this blog. So, it's been around for a year. I haven't posted every week. I stopped the Writers' Wednesday and Family on Friday posts back when transitions and computer woes made keeping up with three updates a week too much of a hassle.

I can say the blog is still alive, if for nothing else, to chronicle my daughter, the Bug. I guess it also keeps the Russian spam commenters busy. (You wouldn't believe the number of spam comments I get to delete _every_ day.) I know they're Russian because Blogger tells me which country each view originates from.

It's been a crazy year. Started out with me being a write-at-home dad, then Wifey and I needing to switch roles, my work requiring me to move to the opposite coast and spend five months away from my family, getting them moved out here and into a routine, and now they've been back on the west coast for over a month (shortly before my previous post in August) since we found out that Grandma has cancer. The good thing is that Wifey and the Bug can be there for Grandma and Granny (my mom) is there to help as well.

The Bug has improved greatly in her walking, climbing, and dexterity. She attacks every challenge of baby-proofing Grandma's house with an enthusiasm unknown to mankind. It's become safe enough that the Bug requires being chased around the couch until she's worn out enough to sleep through the night. Requires. You'd think multiple trips to the playground and beach walks would be enough.

Her vocabulary has been expanding as she examines one's mouth intensely to discern how one can create such clarity of sound. Her versions of what few words she likes become sing-song and surrounded with her own language that sounds like Hindi mixed with Korean.

Earlier today she off-handedly said, "all done." Her astonished mother called her out on it and sought confirmation. Apparently, once the Bug realized what she said she was stunned into a wide-eyed, slack-jaw stupor in her high-chair. Recovered, she spent much of her bath time rehearsing the phrase.

Now that a year has elapsed for this blog, feel free to peruse the archives for ones you may have missed or ones you'd like to have another look at.