24 September, 2013

Call Time

All the practice the Bug has put in on fake phones (remote controls, video game controllers, shoes, etc.) finally paid off. Recently, we had an actual conversation on the phone, as opposed to the usual silence of her nodding and waving.

Sure. The conversation mainly concerned the monkey and dolly having two eyes, going to play in the dark room, waiting for the light to warm up, and what play was about to transpire and with whom. Still, the lack of previous warm ups made it a tad overwhelming.

05 September, 2013

The Bug and the Grub

Last week, our family grew by nine pounds, ten ounces, and twenty one and a half inches. And I am quite outnumbered in the boy-girl ratio.

So far, the Grub eats like a heavy baby and sleeps like a newborn.

Granny has been helping with the house and the Bug while I am working long hours. The bug is rather fond of her little sister and tolerant of having to share her mom (as long as she's well rested). Which also helps.

The Bug likes to help by pointing out, "baby crying." She enjoys checking on the Grub with an, "Oh, kewt!"