31 July, 2012

Sitting This One Out

Sometime Saturday night, the Bug accidentally sat on one of her big block toys from a standing position. She was overjoyed. The maneuver required much repeating with happy dances and squeally jabberjaw.

The block wasn't sturdy enough to be used as a proper chair. So, Wifey and I picked up an upholstered Tinkerbell armchair the next day. (We also got her a toothbrush, but that'll have to wait until next week.)

The chair quickly became a Bug favorite where, although she can't sit still, she sits frequently. The chair games have begun.

Aside from your garden variety chair wriggling, going from the chair to a pillow face plant never gets old. And by "never" I mean at least not in the last couple of days.

We noticed within the first thirty minutes that the Bug stood more often and longer even than when inspired by Panda Cat. By the end of the second hour, she probably had stood more by her chair than the rest of her life combined. (Granted that's not a difficult record to top.)

It seems the Bug wasn't resting on her laurels yet. With great pleasure, pride, and aplomb, the Bug walks from her chair to her mom and back. (And sometimes to me or Panda Cat.)

My girl's got steps.

Strange how a purple cartoony miniature replica of furniture designed for sitting has become a catalyst for walking. Thus opens a new can of worms.

17 July, 2012

All Rise...

Okay. Yeah. 4th of July kinda got me off my posts. My lack of computer makes blogging undesirable. And then last week I completely spaced about Tuesday until Thursday. Excuses, excuses.

Without further ado, we've catching up to do.

Teeth are coming in. I believe the count now is six with some more at the gate. I miss the toothlessness, and I just started getting used to the goat-mouth look. However, the Bug is sporting a rather adorable smile.

If she's awake, she never runs out of things to smile, laugh, and or talk about. Every now and then a random gush of emotion winds up manifesting in special where-did-that-come-from ways. We can call them Happy Baby Freak Outs. And I'm not sure how best to describe them. Hasn't seemed to be the same way twice.

Even more specialer, she stands up on her own, unsupported. Apparently she's been able to for some time, but hasn't really seen the point. So, it may happen when crawling after Panda Cat requires a Happy Baby Freak Out pause. When holding something by a gate that requires a good tossing over. Or when she feels like repositioning her legs to resume crawling from play.

Regardless, she's rather nonplussed at our exuberance over her standing. She doesn't see us have any problem doing it. It's not like she goes crazy and digs out her phone ever time we stand up. And no. She doesn't really want us to stand her up again. She's over that and would just like to crawl somewhere else now, thank you very much.

By the way... loves the water table. Life should be one big water table.

But, the even most specialest, the bug has taken her first step. And yes. By "first step," I mean, keeping herself from falling on her face long enough to make it into wifey's hands merely inches away. I say it counts.