24 July, 2013

Draw Playdough

Like so many toddlers, the Bug has taken a keen interest in art. A past time well encouraged by readily available crayons, pens, finger paints, coloring books, and markers that only work on special paper.

She does request that her mom or I make a specific project from time to time. (Tiny circle, big frog, worm, or doggie) However, she can happily spend her own time letting her imagination run all over the canvas. It's just more fun having a helpful audience.

In other news, she just learned how to lock the house. With her mom taking the trash outside. Until she learns how to unlock the door, we're going to need a plan...

16 July, 2013

A Little Help

The past few weeks have provided a wealth of post-worthy anecdotes about the Bug. Now that she is officially a two-year old, I would like to focus on one specific and flattering aspect of her budding personality.

The bug is very help conscious. She'll ask for it, but more so, she'll offer it. From taking cats bowls of wet food for their dinner to helping pull me up off the floor. She really does love to help.

That is especially good now that I'm working all week away from home and Wifey is quickly entering her last month of pregnancy. The Bug can, and often will, fetch items or simply pluck them from the ground and hold them at more comfortable grabbing height.

Can she help more? Yes, of course. C'mon, she's two. But, when it comes to laundry, dishes, cats, toys, plants, and trash, any help can make a difference.