30 April, 2013


We've reached that happy stage where not only does the bug recognize when we've arrived at one of her favorite play destinations, but she also reacts with flailing limbs and high-volume chants.

"Okayyy! Play, play, playyy! Yayyy! Okay, play, playyy! I see play, play!"

And so on.

We're starting to teach the fine line between being really happy and being really loud. The former is much more socially acceptable as we age. The latter has limited acceptance inside enclosed places such as cars. For now, it's still kinda cute.

23 April, 2013

Another Bug's Treasure

Over the last month or so, the Bug has been using the phrase "Icky trash" to describe a wide variety of discoveries. Now she has wifey and I saying it, too.

Oddly enough, icky trash can be used to describe something that must be played with immediately. Such as a patch of sand on the sidewalk. Nevertheless, she uses her phrase to call attention to something that doesn't belong where it is and she hasn't learned the word for it yet.

At home, she knows where icky trash goes and will put the item in the closest trash can. Unless we have asked her to throw something away, it's a good idea to double check that the disposed of item really is trash.

16 April, 2013

Ankh You, Daddy. Ankh You.

At first, I thought the Bug was saying her version of "Here you go." Context and expression helped put it all together.

I gave her some pesto tortellini, "Ankh you, daddy. Ankh you."

I helped her climb on to the couch, "Ankh you, daddy. Ankh you."

I watched one of her favorite movies with her, "Ankh you, daddy. Ankh you."

I found her pacifier when it was obvious she was still too tired after waking up from her first tent camping experience, "Ankh you, daddy. Ankh you."

You're welcome.

09 April, 2013

Cat Callin'

The Bug has been in exceptional form this week, giving her mom and I plenty to smile and laugh about.

Not the least of which has been her new random trend of walking around with her little hand cupped to her mouth, yelling "Kitty! Kitty! Where are you?" Neither Wifey nor I ever call the cats in such a way. So where the Bug picked it up is beyond us.

More so, when she carries a food bowl as she calls them, or even a single bit of kibble, and adds the word food to her calls, we are as perplexed as amused. (These cats don't need calling to feeding time.)

Noticing our amusement, the Bug will even call out "Mommy!" Or "Daddy! Where are you?" With us probably standing six steps away from her and trying to get her to pick something up.

02 April, 2013

Goodbye, Grandma

Easter morning, Grandma, Wifey's mother, passed away after a year of enduring cancer.

Hospice took her for four days last week while I was working out of the state to give Wifey some time to get a handle on the Bug's illnesses. After she was situated back at home, the Bug climbed up on Grandma's bed and cuddled silently for the longest time.

It's been a relief for me that as we deal with our emotions and duties, the Bug continues on in her usual way at full speed, providing light and levity.