09 October, 2013

Whistle Bug

Small children capture attention. The Bug and the Grub have a bit of a competition going. More of a conscious effort on the Bug's part.

A recent, and endearing, pay-attention-to-me-now technique involves sticking the tip of her finger in her mouth and making a little scream. The toddler whistle. Hard to ignore.

Without going into details, a more daddy directed effort centers around her saying "chocolate cake." The expectation is that I take off running to another room and she can control me. When I exercise my independence, she throws her arms up and yells, "Biiiig chocolate cake!" I laugh, but I don't move.

Attention is a good thing to give children. Positive reinforcement helps with behavioral progress. Such as the Bug's first sucessful use of her frog potty.

All things considered, the Grub's attention getters reign supreme. All around the clock.