26 June, 2012

One Year Bug

The bug is officially a one-year old now. She had a well attended party and is enjoying a week long visit from grandma.

Presents abound and each one has been appropriately hugged or beaten repeatedly with tiny open palms. We told people no presents, thereby ensuring space on the floor for walking.

The cake event ended up a very dainty mess that cleaned up easier than I had hoped. Particularly considering how nice her birthday dress was.

Looking back on the first year of her life boggles my mind. As if her developmental changes weren't enough, Wifey and I went and added some significant environmental changes, too. Crazy times.

Everyone said having a baby will change your life. I can't deny our life is very much changed. How many of the changes really came about because of her? Wouldn't many of them have happened anyway?

I'm glad I didn't have to find out.

19 June, 2012

Short In The Tooth

The sudden appearance of a full set of teeth that I was expecting isn't exactly being sudden. There have been a few nighttime teething episodes, and only one hurry-to-the-drug-store-and-back-with-pain-killers screamfest.

And yet, only a couple more teeth are poking out enough to be considered part of the "in" crowd.

The bug hasn't started standing on her own, but has been diligently working out the muscles. Albeit mostly for crawling faster or forcing mom and dad to back up countered items an inch or two more.

The crawling sprint has reached a new cuteness level. She tucks her head like a charging bull. Sometimes, such action involves sounding like a siren.

As we prepare for her first birthday celebration this weekend, we'd be okay with her remaining a pre-toddler for just a little while longer.

12 June, 2012

Shiver Me Timbers

How long has the bug had only two teeth? Seems like years and yet her first birthday is just around the corner.

That may change very soon. As in she could wake up with eight teeth tomorrow. The tips are showing just below the surface.

Well, we finally finished off the teething gel tube we got in a baby shower gift and bought a new one. We don't apply too often, but generously.

As another remedy attempt, we've given her ice cubes to play with. Even after mastering the art of holding a grip long enough to be able to put it in her mouth, she never really did. Seems the cold hand sensation and magically appearing water were fascinating enough.

She has a wide range of teething toys (official and otherwise). However, they're better received before pain, not so much after.

So, we broke down and stuck a few wet washcloths in the freezer. Comedy. Ever see an eleven-month old do the bad-actor shiver? I have.

The best though, is when she bites into it. The random reactionary faces that result are funny enough to get her laughing. Once she laid her head down on it for some reason. Not for long, though.

05 June, 2012

Patient Panda

As previously posted, Stinky Monkey Cat convalesces in California with Grandma. Woolly Rhinoceros Cat sightings are quite rare (contributing to the extinction myth of the woolly rhinoceri), but paleontologists need only look under the bed.

Panda Cat, on the other hand, will go so far as to squeeze and angle herself through the baby gate to enter the same room as the Bug. Once in the room, she willingly becomes fair game for chasing, fur pulling, and happy baby screeches of nearly point-blank range. It's crossed my mind that Panda thinks she's training a cub to hunt.

Wifey and I are close at hand to prevent any claws from scratching the baby. However, Panda handles the rough play with the sort of grace and dignity that becomes her genus. There are a few safe havens in any room where Panda can take a break and she does have the option of leaving the room.

To the Bug's credit, she is learning gentler cat handling. Not to mention chasing the cat only represents a cross section of a more intricate play scheme. All the same, a cross section taken very seriously by Panda.

Panda has been spending most of her nights under the crib, eliminating any monsters that may appear and threaten the Bug's serenity. A more dedicated nursery guardian would be hard to find.

The Bug will occasionally break out with maniacal laughter and/or cackling during play and has been making frog calls. I'll post more about this next week if the trend continues.