19 June, 2012

Short In The Tooth

The sudden appearance of a full set of teeth that I was expecting isn't exactly being sudden. There have been a few nighttime teething episodes, and only one hurry-to-the-drug-store-and-back-with-pain-killers screamfest.

And yet, only a couple more teeth are poking out enough to be considered part of the "in" crowd.

The bug hasn't started standing on her own, but has been diligently working out the muscles. Albeit mostly for crawling faster or forcing mom and dad to back up countered items an inch or two more.

The crawling sprint has reached a new cuteness level. She tucks her head like a charging bull. Sometimes, such action involves sounding like a siren.

As we prepare for her first birthday celebration this weekend, we'd be okay with her remaining a pre-toddler for just a little while longer.

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