26 June, 2012

One Year Bug

The bug is officially a one-year old now. She had a well attended party and is enjoying a week long visit from grandma.

Presents abound and each one has been appropriately hugged or beaten repeatedly with tiny open palms. We told people no presents, thereby ensuring space on the floor for walking.

The cake event ended up a very dainty mess that cleaned up easier than I had hoped. Particularly considering how nice her birthday dress was.

Looking back on the first year of her life boggles my mind. As if her developmental changes weren't enough, Wifey and I went and added some significant environmental changes, too. Crazy times.

Everyone said having a baby will change your life. I can't deny our life is very much changed. How many of the changes really came about because of her? Wouldn't many of them have happened anyway?

I'm glad I didn't have to find out.

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