28 November, 2012

East Coast Buggin'... Again

Once again, Wifey and the Bug have moved to our North Carolina home.  This time, with Grandma, too.  The Bug was a very good little traveler, in spite of the confinements inherent to two-and-a-half-hour flights.  We are told it is typical that flying toddlers fall fast asleep as the plane lands.  By omission, that also makes it typical they are wide awake during the flight.

Any seventeen-month old requires constant stimulation and activity.  We managed well on the plane.  And we're managing even better these days back at home.  All of her old toys have been welcomed in turn with an improved skill set that makes them more appreciated.  Everything thrown deserves a shout of "Oh, yay!"  And sometimes kicks are in order.  When the Bug wants to see me kick something, she'll grab my leg and pull it toward the object.

Some toys, buttons, and touch screen options require the use of grown up fingers.  The Bug knows which ones these are and will not hesitate to grab the most convenient finger and put it to good use.  Her manipulation of the world and it's inhabitants have improved with her level of communication.

It seems she's learning at least one new word a day.  "Kitty" and "Mommy" still stand out as the most clear and oft used words of her vocabulary.  "Turtle" is right next in line.  "Turtle," by the way, can just simply mean "green."  Now that all four cats are together in the same house again, there are frequent happy sightings throughout the day accompanied with a series of thrilled shrieks.  You can imagine how happy the cats are.

The Bug will correctly announce when she is up and when she is down.  When she says "uh oh" it's always best to check, but usually just a dropped book.  She is very good at saying "bye-bye."  She calls out all of the birds in view.  And she loves to tell us where the lights are.  She makes it easy for us to know when she's done eating now as she waves to the food and says, "bye-bye."

It's a relief to all be back together again.  I look forward to being able to post more first-hand accounts in weeks ahead.  For now, "bye-bye, post."

06 November, 2012

Bug For President

Just kidding.  Yes.  It's election day.  Whilst I await the maelstrom of electoral votes to report in, I decided to write a long overdue and non-political update on the Bug.

She and Wifey are still in California with Grandma.  Grandma is doing much better and we're in the middle of preparations to move her into our North Carolina home.  Reunited, again, as it were.

I'm not updating as much because I'm not gathering any firsthand accounts of the Bug and her development.  Better to condense all hearsay into these quasi-monthly updates.

The Bug's animal awareness has now extended to impersonations of animal sounds.  The two chief ones being a bee and a crow.  For the bee, she hums and waggles her head.  To make a crow sound, she opens her mouth quite wide and caws.  These impersonations probably result from a desire to communicate with her world.  Something she improves upon daily.

As most children her age, she understands more words than she can speak.  And equally appropriate, she tries harder on the words that mean the most to her.  As an example, Angel Cat's name.  She can't quite get it right, but she sure is cute trying.  Sometimes she'll default back to imitating his shrill, staccato, triple meow.

She's very good at helping to unpack any box and subsequently fill any container, regardless of size, with a seemingly non-random collection of items.  She could be imitating the near daily process of sorting and packing Grandma's stuff.  Every little bit helps, I'm sure.

Most sixteen-month old toddlers are enthusiastic, indefatigable wrecking balls of cuteness.  However, if the Bug can maintain her stride, she just might be President someday.