09 April, 2013

Cat Callin'

The Bug has been in exceptional form this week, giving her mom and I plenty to smile and laugh about.

Not the least of which has been her new random trend of walking around with her little hand cupped to her mouth, yelling "Kitty! Kitty! Where are you?" Neither Wifey nor I ever call the cats in such a way. So where the Bug picked it up is beyond us.

More so, when she carries a food bowl as she calls them, or even a single bit of kibble, and adds the word food to her calls, we are as perplexed as amused. (These cats don't need calling to feeding time.)

Noticing our amusement, the Bug will even call out "Mommy!" Or "Daddy! Where are you?" With us probably standing six steps away from her and trying to get her to pick something up.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I sense a natural little story teller in the making. Keep the stories coming they make me smile. :-)