01 May, 2012

40 Again...

So I missed a few posts. It's been a busy time of getting the new place fairly well set up prior to the big flight west.

Grandma, wifey, and the bug greeted me at the baggage claim. After I said hi to wifey, the bug gave her mom a very sad face that could have meant, "who is this freak and is he going to suck my face, too?" She just kinda spied on me the rest of the way to grandma's and I didn't press my luck with trying to carry her.

If she remembered me at all she may have assumed I was some imaginary friend and her hallucinations were starting back up. Over the last few days, we've reclaimed our normalcy. Normalcy with the delightful additions of her new skill sets. Quite the little climber.

The way mirrors work: a ten-month old girl puts her face right beside the mirror and sees her mom. Her mom. Not her dad. Quickest way to make the bug cry is for the mirror to show her dad. Think Twin Peaks. It's that brand of terror.

As I write this she's busy having a one-girl cage match in her crib. She's winning, laughing, and ready for the next challenger.

Speaking of next challenges, tomorrow morning, I will drive our very packed V70 across the country with our bearded dragon as my copilot.

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