22 May, 2012

Matryoshka Bug

The bug abhors finding the star-shaped nesting blocks stacked properly.  She must immediately pull them out of one another until no two are touching.  Sometimes, her dad (namely, me) cannot even finish restacking them before she has dismantled his vain attempt at order.  Given enough such back and forths, the bug will not only separate the blocks, but also scatter them to opposing quadrants of the Universe after beating them into submission against each other.

Oh, how quickly the hours pass...

Less cute, but along the same vein, if the bug loses interest in a toy, that toy will be banished from her presence.  The subsequent whining shall not be misconstrued as a request to have the aforementioned toy returned to the bug (issuing no such command from her highchair, carseat, or stroller) and doing so will only result in jettisoning said rejected toy forthwith.  Rather, attending adjutants are expected to offer a fresh, more captivating toy.  Peace prevails.  The system works.

All in all, wifey and I keep coming across new games, faces, and sounds to add to the repertoire of ways of keeping the bug smiling, happy, and exercising.  And... as the saying goes - what goes around comes around.

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