08 May, 2012

East Coast Buggin'

Wifey and the bug flew into the east coast this morning. Feels like a few days ago. I haven't had this full of a day in a long time.

Shortly after arriving, wifey caught up on some sleep. The bug and I played in her well stocked baby jail. Thankfully, we were far enough away from wifey that she could sleep, because the bug does not play quiet.

She's developed a new happy dance that involves throwing her hands up in the air, waving them around like she just don't care, and sustaining some sort of shout out that could be taken as a means for all the party people to come on over to this side of the club. When it's really off the hook, she bounces on her knees during this dance.

She's taking assisted steps now, but with only one successful observed free-standing moment, we're still probably a good ways away from walking. Not to mention she only seems interested in going fast.

Before speed crawling across her new room, she makes a special lunge motion that looks as if she's popping a wheelie or building up momentum to shave a few tenths of a second off her 0 to 60 time.

Wifey is still adjusting to being on the east coast. She's doing very well actually considering how positive she is on the first day. It sure is incredible having her around again.

Stinky Monkey Cat has elected to stay on the west coast with grandma, so Woolly Rhino and Panda Cat are finding a new rhythm and staking claims on secret spots.

Normalcy, or something like it, comes closer to focus.

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