04 April, 2012

Making The Doh!

Writers' Wednesday!!!

There's a certain kind of genius involved in creating stupidity.

Sure you can create a character that always runs a gallon shy of a quart. But, doesn't it read/play more credible to have normal, or even highly intelligent characters, rationalize courses of action that violate our fundamental understanding of evolution?

It doesn't have to be just a gag for some comic relief. Those sorts of moments can become major plot points hurling our hero(ine) over the threshold and firmly slamming the door behind them. Or their momentary lapse of judgement might be just the own-worst-enemy obstacle you need to show your character being dynamic and growing as a result of action in the story.

The point is: you should be smart enough to allow any and all of your characters an off night. Watch how the ripples play a little distortion over your story's harmony.

And, let's face it - it's fun!

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