03 April, 2012

Anticipatory Tears

The bug had her ten-month doctor's visit and only had to have one shot. Apparently, her long-term memory is fully functioning. As soon as the needle nurse showed up, she started wailing. She wasn't buying the whole it's-only-going-to-be-one-shot story.

It might have been the most she's ever cried at the doc's. Anticipating the pain was worse than experiencing it. Poor little bug.

Speaking of anticipation ...

Our months of living on opposing coasts have nearly come to an end. Should I cry with joy in anticipating the new house coming together and tucking the bug in at night? Or cry in anticipation over the pain and difficulty from the process of getting them, the three cats, the bearded dragon, and our remaining things (not the least of which is a V70 that could benefit from a repair or two) moved 2800 miles?

Either way, sounds like I'll be going through some Puffs™.

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