17 April, 2012

A Handle On Things

Brief moving update: This Friday night I will spend the first night in the new home. After at least a dozen ticket changes, wifey finally has the flight she needs (one where they'll actually help her board the cats pn change-overs so that she can concentrate in the bug). The V70 is almost road ready. And we just might be able to pull this off with a few extra dollars.

The bug developed a fascination with handles. More the movement and sound they make than their practical application. But, that doesn't mean she has any problem opening doors and drawers.

Over the phone, I've heard the first devious giggles that I was assured were accompanied by equally devious faces whilst the bug engages in play she seems to know won't be allowed when the cuteness wears off. She's definitely having full days with her mom. Even falling asleep before she lays down.

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