13 April, 2012

Furry Family

Family On Friday!!!

As wifey continues to face difficulty in arranging for the cats to fly across the country for our move, I'm inspired to comment on how pets become part of the family.

Yes. Pets often are a responsibility that tends to get passed around like a game of hot potato.

But, they can also show us an untethered capacity for love. They seem to know when to give us that necessary cuddle our own species is either too busy or oblivious to provide.

Even if we would consider making the move easier by finding the cats new homes, there probably isn't anyone in this country thinking, "Gee. I sure wish I had a cat. I just can't seem to find one. Let alone a full-grown one." Chances are better that someone willing to take a cat shouldn't have anymore.

We want our cats and our bearded dragon in our new east coast home. They are a big part of making it (and us) feel complete.

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