10 April, 2012

A House To Fill

The bug continues to explore the world of standing and the new ways to frustrate mommy that her newfound muscle control allows.

Meanwhile, I have put a deposit on a rental house, signed the lease, and been sucked up into the maelstrom of the logistics involved in moving ourselves from three locations into one. Wifey is doing a great job of handling what she can from the left coast.

I have two weekends and one day off from work to try and ready the house enough that they all can go to bed when they get here and worry about unpacking what remains the next day.

Our schedule, as we know it, is that I'll fly in two and a half weeks, start driving in three weeks, they fly in four weeks, and that leaves only one month before we're together again as a family under one roof. One more month. We can do it.

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