02 January, 2012

That's How She Rolls

Over our Christmas visit, wifey's aunt asked if the bug had started rolling over yet.  I updated auntie that she had rolled over a couple times over the last month or so, but didn't seem especially interested in it.  That she just did it when she felt like it.

As I was saying that, the bug flipped onto her stomach.  Then back to her back.  Then rollie-ollie-ollied from side to side several times.  Six months old and already trying to prove me wrong.  She gets more and more like her mom everyday.

Ever since that day (for the last... what?... five?  sheesh), the bug is a flippin' fool.  Rolling around is a chief component of her floor play, and if she's not on her side in her crib, she's belly down and head up.

She's quite proud of herself for gaining a little extra mobility, too.  These movements are typically accompanied with the sort of loud whoops reserved for athletes after making a big play.

No crawling as of yet.  She can get her butt up on knees or toes, but she hasn't quite got the hang of forward motion or lifting her chest off the ground.  Stay tuned.  The race is on between teeth or crawling.

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Anonymous said...

Baby enthusiasm! Very special!