03 January, 2012

New Year, And An Attitude To Match

Writer's Wednesday!!!

Here I am posting from my phone's app, again. I figure I can only get better at it by doing it.

Which brings me to my point and this year's first writing tip!

Try new and unfamiliar aspects of writing.

You may be anxious about tweeting, blogging, or other social medias and I can almost guarantee you that anxiety stems from inexperience. Get to know it and your confidence will elevate.

Perhaps you scorn specific genres of writing because you can't fathom how they could be written with any discernible degree of talent or interest. Read some of them. You may be surprised.

Then again, you might just justify your belief that such things are not for you. Even if you find you're into anti-social media and can only stomach historical fiction, there will be valuable take-aways that improve your writing style and identity.


Anonymous said...

Always good to get out of your comfort area. You never know when you'll be asked (or need to) write in a different style, and if you haven't practiced, it can be daunting.

Raymond Henri said...

Quite true, anon. No argument from me.