16 January, 2012

Coast To Coast

After nearly a week of driving across the country and unpacking in my temporary bungalow, the jet lag leaves a faint recognition of the absence of road hiss as it moves from behind my eyes and makes one last stand in the motivational center of my brain.  I could have sworn the reality of what I have done would sink in after I saw my belongings set up in a strange place without the bug, or wifey.

There's still the vacation-esque feel to the whole move.  I've decided that's hope telling me they will be able to move out here with me very soon.

In the meantime, frequent phone calls with the little bug voice filling in the background help me feel connected.  She has selected a new group of toys and settled into a nice daily routine with her recently "retired" mommy.  More flavored foods than not are greeted with gusto, chatter, and the rhythmic slamming of palms on the high-chair tray.  A few foods have been outright rejected.

I'm rather amused that after driving 2,800 miles and successfully navigating all over town I now have to wait at the DMV and be tested on my ability to drive.  Speaking of being amused, stay tuned and find out if I wound up failing that test.

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