26 February, 2013

Drop-in Bug Care

A few good and noteworthy firsts for the Bug this week. She sat on the toilet and kept saying "potty" (now we should probably get her her own). Her first sentence using only English longer than a couple words: "I see mommy daddy hug."
But the biggest was her first drop-in daycare experience. She did really well (for a first timer) with some extra attention and a little boy who took it upon himself to be her personal guide. She ate well at dinner and even offered her "guide" a bite.
When she finally noticed we were there to pick her up, she pointed us out, identified us, and ran right over. Apparently her "guide" kept track of how many words she said, but I never did get clarification of whether or not those six words included "mommy" and "daddy" at the end.

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Anonymous said...

What a beautiful first sentence!!!