05 February, 2013

Snug in a Rug

The top five things I'm not talking about in this post:

5: The Bug talking to her reflection in drawer knobs
4: Her first see-saw experience where she kept telling the boy on the other end, "Boat! Rocking!"
3: The fact that she can easily reach doorknobs... to close doors.
2: When we're not responding fast enough, she's started clapping one hand on the other and clicking her tongue.
1: Whenever we walk up to the grocery store, she points, says "cookie," and then signs "eat."

I am going to talk about the Bug's new favorite daddy game. It starts with pulling up a side of Grandma's rug and repeating, "Daddy? Cozy?" After I've scooted myself under the rug, she instructs me to lie on my back.

Once I have been satisfactorily positioned, she holds a finger to her mouth and shushes the room. This is the start of the "game."

She makes makeshift slides from the slopes of the rug and climbs and rolls and carries on with all the appropriate sounds. I just watch and wonder how I ended up a rug-covered playground.

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