05 March, 2013

Daddy Bonk Head

In the Bug's frequent attempts at communication, she includes a lot of gesticulation. Amusingly, most of the pantomime accompanies what words she does know and not the Korean Hindi that makes us the bulk of her point. (Some can say the same about me.)

To request her lastest favorite game to play with me, she points in a direction when she says "away," pumps her arms to "run, run, run," and typically finishes with a hand tapping her head saying, "daddy bonk head." So, yeah. I hear all I need to know. And her eyes let me know there's no getting out of it without a fight.

Off I go. Flailing into some wall or door, bouncing off, and then fake-screaming as I pick a comfortable landing in a room of my choosing. Preferably somewhere I can easily get back up from for another bonk.

In a unrelated note, we have been quite fortunate not to have any medical concerns with the Bug over the last twenty months. Now she has a cold. She's doing a bang-up job feeding it and staying hydrated. On the get-more-rest front... well... aren't these things supposed to slow them down?

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