04 December, 2012

Two Two

I'd like to know the Bug's inspiration for her latest game. She flips over her little plastic stool, sits me down on it, pushes me over (with a bit of help from my playacting), and then screams and laughs. Sometimes, she'll even tumble after me.

Where do kids come up with this stuff?

The Bug uses the word "up" quite effectively these days. Typically in the imperative form. Even if it's been the twentieth time I've reset myself on the stool, I get up. An obedience I've taken some criticism for. My feeling is it's better to encourage the Bug's verbal communication than go easy on my knees.

She is picking up words with a bit more regularity. "Hug" and "kiss" have been mastered. Mastered, and demonstrated on the likes of kitchen cabinets, the dishwasher, and toys.

One of the Bug's great joys right now is to count two. Not to two (one is a little tricky), but she recognizes pairs and counts them. It might be "two, two," but I'll take that at seventeen months. She finds the counting of ears and eyes especially hilarious. When she's on a roll, everything in sight gets counted... as two.

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