25 December, 2012

Tree Sniffin'

The day is finally starting to settle down.  With the Bug just reaching 18 months, she's not quite at the point of tearing through everything with a bow on it.  She is old enough to understand some presents are for her and some are not.  Each of her presents demanded the enthusiastic toddler's attention span.  We capped off our drawn out day around five o'clock, complete with a nap, west coast family video calls, leftover meals, and much, much joy.

Then we had dinner.

Then we cleaned up.

A few days ago, whilst playing with the Bug, she accidentally jabbed my eye with her finger.  It's still quite red, but feeling less bruised.  It didn't hinder my ability to celebrate this time of year.  Only, my dull pain reminded me to find less full-contact interactions with the Bug.  (less, not none)

She really likes having a pine tree in the house.  She'll smell it, hum her approval, and then guide the closest adult by the hand to the tree.  That aforementioned adult is expected to kneel and smell the exact spot of the tree that she found so appealing.  In case there be any confusion as to where that particular branch can be found, the Bug will grab the back of your head and guide you to it.  And you better note your appreciation.  If not, you probably didn't smell it quite right and should try it again immediately.

In similar fashion, adult hands are pulled toward anything the Bug wishes to have a demonstrated.  Where on the pony's ear do you squeeze to make it whinny and move?  Where on the turtle do you press for what song?  How do you peel this clementine?  How do you open this drawer/door?  How does this cat like to be petted?

One of the great joys in watching the Bug's development is her growing collection of silly walks and dances.  My personal favorite we call the Quasimodo walk.  It's not unlike an old man with a swinging left arm, but really all she lacks is the tell-tale hump on her back.  I've got a great idea for a cardio workout, too.  I call it, "Dancing with Toddlers."

That's all for now.  Merry Christmas to you all from the Bug, Grandma, Wifey, me, and all the animals.  If you'll excuse me, I have a tree to sniff.

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