12 December, 2012

Now I Know My I T Cs

For good reason, parenting classes never tell you that you'll wind up spending half an hour dancing in a circle singing the alphabet song on a loop. There's no way to adequately explain how much fun it can be.

We have a great number of toys to give the bug familiarity with the letters. Now, whenever she see them, she starts signing "I T C, I T C, I T C" and quickly requests hearing the proper "words" to the song one more time.

I can tell it will become dizzying soon to keep up with her new vocabulary. She can accurately tell you the difference between arm and leg. Almost hourly, I hear a word from her and can't be sure if it's the first time she's said it or not.

Much to our delight, she has a new found penchant for hugs and kisses. Even more happy is how much better she is at playing by herself.

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