20 June, 2013


This Father's Day, the Bug and I got some quality father-daughter time in at the local zoo. She had been one time before almost a year ago. I doubt she remembered much of it, but I have no doubt that she thoroughly enjoyed it this time.

We've entered the lovely phase of repetition where whole conversations can be held with no more than one phrase or sentence. A little off topic, but noteworthy, one conversation was going on far too long and getting frustrating over the phrase, "esmickame." The Bug even jumped into her usual viewing spot chanting it. After it dawned on me that she was asking to watch "Despicable Me," the conversation continued to repeat itself until Gru made the balloon dog.

At the zoo, most conversations involved "more monkeys," " more feed the animals," "biiiiiig peacock," or "goat walk beside Daddy, baby." The most meaningful conversation came about an hour later as we left the playground area. I explained why we weren't going to play, play, play anymore and she would counter with why she thought she should.

We were hardly halfway through the zoo when she seemed about ready to sleepwalk in with the miniature horses. Tired and hungry rarely mix well and I thought we should make our way to the exits. Never underestimate the distracting power of wild animals.

Seeing me crouch down to check her eye-level and pick a better vantage point, the Bug installed herself at each animal by crouching down in the same way, somewhat defeating my purpose.

She almost fell asleep as I carried her to the car. So, not surprisingly, she was sound asleep before we made it out of the parking lot. And by "sound," I mean snoring.

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