04 June, 2013

And We All Fall Down

We found the best dress for the Bug's second birthday (coming later this month) and decided to put it on her a try it out. Several times.

The first time as we oooed and ahhhed she swayed and watched how the dress flared out and twisted, much to her delight. The progression (or some might say digression) of the Bug's dress antics have culminated in endless spinning.

It's pretty much like -- put dress on, watch daughter twirl, get asked to twirl, get ordered to twirl, try to catch daughter before she hits the floor.

Someday, hopefully her birthday or before, she'll understand that wearing a dress does not necessitate dizziness. At least she's happy, I guess.

You may not be surprised to know that Ring Around the Rosie is one of the Bug's favorite games. More power to you if you try to sit one out.

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