19 March, 2012

Forward Progress

Tooth number two might show up soon, but the bug ain't waiting around. She and her big toes have figured out how to move forward.

Forward to the kitchen where the cats have squishy ookie food. Forward grandma's shelves of bric-a-brac. Forward to dark and dusty recesses previously unexplored by mankind.

Emergency trip for baby gates and creative uses for boxes from Diapers.com.

There is now a deliberate pause for happy dances when obstacles have been overcome. And a new kind of shriek for when the bug buts up against her new nemesis...

The baby gate.

It's a kind of "Mom! I'm right outside of the kitchen and there's this thing between me and under-oven treasure!" Not in a completely unhappy way, but certainly with an expectation that once the adults of the house see what they left sitting around they would move it.

At least there are still toys to examine and cats to chase.

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