28 August, 2012

Brushing Bug Teeth

I guess it was a few weeks ago now (around the time that the Bug's teeth came out like popcorn), that Wifey and I felt like it was time to get her first toothbrush.  The Bug agreed wholeheartedly.

What the Bug doesn't appreciate very much is taking the toothbrush away.  She'd brush for half an hour, if we'd let her.  We're left with either trading for something, or waiting for her to put it down so we can snatch it up without her looking.

The toothbrush has become a pacifier of sorts.  If it weren't a narrow spire of plastic perpetually protruding from a not-too-careful toddler's mouth, there'd be no problem letting her hold on to it all day.

Some credit may be due to the Very Berry toothpaste we got for her.  (Is she really brushing her teeth with sugar?)  Doesn't much matter, though.  We wouldn't want to discourage a good habit anyway.

Last week, Wifey and I were on the couch watching the Bug slow down on her evening play.  We mentioned something regarding it looking like time to grab her toothbrush.  As soon as she heard the word "toothbrush," the Bug stood up, laughing, and toddled her way to the bathroom as fast as I've ever seen her go, jibber-jabbing all the way.  She didn't even look back to see her mom and I saying through dropped jaws that we've reached the spelling stage.

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