22 February, 2012

Fresh Baked Writing

Writers' Wednesday!!!

Every career has a recipe for success.  Let's take a peek at the recipe for writing.

First let's look at the recipe for making bread.  Just search for "bread recipe."  Yeah.  That one.  It's a lot like the recipe for writing.

There are basic universal ingredients for writing/bread.  Quantities change.  Substitutions, additions, and variations in the process all complicate the recipe search until you don't know which one will work for you.

Basic ingredients:  concepts, words, classes, books, friends, notebooks, pens, computer, dedicated hours in a day
Some possible additional ingredients:  editors, music, paint, animals, office, sacred outdoor spot

The exact types of ingredients, quantities, additional flavors you want to add, and what you choose to substitute with what is all up to you.  Yes.  There is a wrong way to make bread.  Yes.  There is a wrong way to write.  If it comes out too dense, flat, or dry, throw it away!  Make another one, varying the process and recipe.

The most important part of the recipe is understanding that success comes from learning what not to do as much as what to do.

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