04 October, 2011

Verizon Should Do Hot Water Heaters

The first week of transition is behind us.  Whew.  For those of you keeping score at home:  Words - 3,993;  Diapers - 3,994.

3,993 words in my first week of solo parenting!  And I'm just talking novel here (not blogging, commenting, status updating, tweeting, texting, chatting, signing, googling, grocery listing, or Words With Friendsing).  As long as I don't compare to my previous production numbers, I can be very proud.  I did that while:

  • feeding
  • changing
  • dressing (the bug and myself)
  • cleaning (mostly the bug)
  • some of the cooking
  • laundry
  • shaving and showering (twice!)
  • chasing wifey a quarter mile down a dirt road in flip-flops, waving bags of veggies (miscommunication)
  • having lunch with wifey everyday
  • a few dinners at grandma's
  • grocery shopping
  • reading Skippyjon Jones (that crazy kitten), et al.
  • scouring over dozens of stamps (don't ask... please)
  • spending many quality hours with the fine Verizon tech folks
  • dealing with a plumber (and the issues leading up to such a necessity)
  • Some rather quick night work and not so quick weekend work
  • catching up on sleep
  • and gaining a few pounds
Can I get some validation?  Almost four thousand words.  This brings my new total for words in the novel to...  Are you ready for this?


Hey, I'm getting there.  4K a week is not going to be fast enough to keep me happy forever.  Any suggestions out there for what to do this week to squeeze a few more words out?  (I've already planned on spending less time with Verizon and plumbers, but I do have a doctor's appointment.)


Lucienne3 said...

Props ;) very good keeping up with being Mr. Mom *and* writing! Too bad you don't have a dictation program, speech to type ;) Some of the resulting text can be quite funny - unless you are a doctor, then not so much ....

Lucienne3 said...

when I am actively writing I record voice notes as they come to me (it is nice that it is a feature on a lot of cell phones now vs carrying a mini-cassette-recorder like I used to) - also a small notebook and pen or pencil for jotting things down, tucked in the front flap of the diaper bag or a back pocket. I love those little pocket-sized composition notebooks, no spiral-wire bindings to catch and pull on everything.

Raymond Henri said...

I have the Droid Bionic. Allegedly, I should be able to dictate to a variety of document apps and save to my computer. It will take time to train it to my voice to avoid all that quite funny text you mentioned. I haven't tried doing this because I won't be going back to edit anything until after I finish the first draft. By then, I may not be able to recognize what I was trying to say and it could wind up a time drain on the second draft. I might run tests on shorter chunks of text. Something about having tens of thousands of words to go makes me a bit gunshy. Good idea, though. If the tests work out, I'll definitely give it a go for at least one chapter. Could be fun! (Especially if the bug contributes a big chunk of words)

Alexandra said...

Wife is proud of your progress and grateful for your help.

Raymond Henri said...

Mwah, wifey. Mwah